Sahba Motallebi with Naghmeh Farahmand: A NuRooz Celebration
March 25, 2018
7:00 pm
Phoenix, AZ
Musical Instrument Museum - MIM
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Sahba Motallebi is a modern virtuoso of the tar and setar, an innovator in teaching Persian Music, and was recognized as the Best Tar Player at the Iranian Music Festival and the Tehran Conservatory. The tar and setar are lute-like stringed instruments central to one of the world’s great musical traditions.

She began studying music as a young girl in the northern Iranian city of Sari. In 1993, at age 14, her talent garnered an invitation to study at the Tehran Conservatory of Music. She flourished and after graduating from the conservatory in 1997, she co-founded the groundbreaking women’s music ensemble, Chakaveh. In 1999 she joined the Iranian National Orchestra, beginning her career as an international performer. She left Iran in 2003 to pursue graduate studies since her Bahai’i faith made this difficult within the country.

Sahba now lives near Los Angeles and continues to perform worldwide. Since moving to the United States she has released a series of noted books and ten recordings. As an innovator in the teaching of Persian music; her pioneering efforts has put instructional materials on the internet. By teaching students online she has inspired something of a renaissance in the transmission of this ancient art form, reflecting her commitment to bringing music to the world.

Joining Sahba on stage will be Naghmeh Farahmand, a Persian percussionist who comes from a musical family. She is the daughter of one of the leading percussion masters of Iran, Mahmoud Farahmand. Naghmeh also founded Sharghi, a percussion ensemble, which performed for Iran’s national television. She is a skillful player of the darbuka (doumbek), dayereh, cajon, and udu.